Bailiúchán Béaloidis Árann

Data protection information

This information applies to the public website.

What usage data we collect

We collect certain usage data with the aid of services such as Plausible while users browse the website. We use Plausible to record information about where our users come from and what they do while on this site. Plausible collects and stores technical details about the browser and the computer used to visit the site. We use a cookie to store the user’s preferred user language. The cookie is not linked to any personal data.

How we use this usage data

We use the data collected by Plausible to construct aggregate reports on user numbers, location and behaviour. These reports inform our future development plans. This data is not personal data, as defined by EU GDPR, and it does not allow us identify individual users.

We reserve the right to report and/or publish aggregated usage metrics.

How long we store this usage data for

As this data is anonymised, we store it indefinitely. This allows us to chart the development of our user base over the lifetime of the project.


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